Wilderness Medical Training

for Sailors, Guides and Rescue Professionals

Medical Officer, Ltd. operates as a Wilderness Medical Associates International licensed training company specializing in Offshore Emergency Medicine® and all levels of wilderness medical training. We are based in Crested Butte, Colorado, USA and have been offering programs throughout the US and abroad since 2003. Our instructors are advanced practice professionals with decades of medical, rescue, and teaching experience, and are major contributors to WMAI's up to date and well researched curriculum.

Jeffrey Isaac, PA-C is the President of Medical Officer, Ltd. and served as Curriculum Director for Wilderness Medical Associates International for more than 25 years. He is co-author of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine, Wilderness and Rescue First Aid, and The Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid Handbook used as textbooks in WMA courses worldwide. His teaching reflects the experience of more than 40 years in emergency medicine, outdoor education, and wilderness rescue.

Offshore Emergency Medicine
Annapolis, MD USA
24-26 April, 2024 (completed)

Wilderness Advanced Life Support
Crested Butte, CO USA
3-6 June 2024 (completed)

To Those In the Field:

“Throughout our 40-year history, Wilderness Medical Associates has promoted the idea that prehospital practitioners can be trained to make a diagnosis and develop a plan for whatever challenge they face. Our core curriculum is designed to provide the skills and insight needed to improvise, adapt, and exercise reasonable judgment at any level of medical training. Our opinions and positions are based on careful analysis of the available science and considerable clinical experience, measured against the reality of providing medical care in difficult and dangerous places. We are not trying to change mainstream medicine; we are trying to provide guidance to those working well outside of it.”