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Gear: Conterra Tube-Pro Deluxe Intubation Kit

Conterra’s Description
Conterra’s new Tube-pro represents the next step in intubation carrying systems. It is quite simply the best, most advanced kit on the market today. It will carry all your adult and ped gear in Conterra’s unique file folder style. It has slots for carrying up to ten blades. An exciting feature of this bag is it’s ability to hand vertically while being used, freeing up space in rigs or aircraft. TPI1-T

Our Experience
We agree, it is as advertized. This is a definite improvement over anything else out there. Our EMS system has purchased one for each ambulance. I consider it too large for SAR use because I don’t carry a full set of intubation equipment on my back. But, for a truck or boat based kit, no problem.

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Price: $113.00
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