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Gear: Conterra Triple X Strap System

Conterra’s Description
Our Triple X strap system is a revolutionary concept. The Triple X Spine Saver has twelve separate overlapping Velcro straps that quickly and securely immobilizes a spine injured patient to virtually any spine board. Deployment of the Triple X Spine Saver is a snap. Simply align the three sets of X formation straps over the corresponding weight centers of the body (upper chest, pelvis, legs). Thread the straps throughout the back board holes and pull tight. The chest X is adjustable in angle, and can be threaded over the patients shoulders to further help isolate the head and neck from the mass of the body. Tests have shown that responders can quickly and easily use this device with no prior instruction. The machine washable Triple X Spine Saver is constructed of heavy weight 2" webbing, 1.5" velcro, and has a reflective stripe running down the center alignment strap. The Triple X Spine Saver even comes attached to its own zippered carrying case, which can be attached to the back board and used to keep C collars and tape in. The Triple X Spine Saver is proudly made in Seattle, WA. U.S.A. PRODUCT ID: XXX1-I

Our Experience
A significant improvement over the straight across “spider straps”. Although it is designed for a backboard, we use it on the basket litter as an easily adjustable way to secure the patient in rough terrain. The detachable storage bag, which can be secured to the foot of the litter, keeps the Velcro from grabbing everything in sight when the straps are not in use. The velcro seems more rugged than other units we've used.

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