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Gear: Conterra Responder III Medic Bag

Conterra’s Description The Responder III is a great choice for EMS professionals who need an ALS/BLS kit that can perform in a wide range of conditions. It is large enough to be used as a standard ambulance jump kit, but small enough to fit in any storage compartment on your rig, or in the trunk of your car. The bag has all the features that you expect from our Responder series: #10 coil zippers, SI-TEX fluid proof fabric, reflective striping, large rubber grab handles, etc. The Responder III sports a large end pocket that is designed to carry assessment tools and body fluid protection. The main pocket opens via our "speed zip" system to reveal six divided compartments that are compatible with our intubation kit, drug kit, and insulated I.V. kits. Inside the lid are two zippered window pockets that are color coordinated and removable for ease of use. A truly remarkable feature of the Responder III is the ability to extend and adjust the handle system which allows the bag to be carried like a backpack, even over turn out gear." NSN# 6545015249909 COLOR: Blue PRODUCT ID: RB3-I Our Experience We have used this bag extensively for an Offshore Medical Kit. It is tough as nails and water resistant. You will have trouble filling it unless you are running a small field hospital…or a voyaging sailboat. It carries easily in the hand or on the back.

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