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Conterra Airway Pro Kit
This rugged, no holds barred kit is built to withstand the every day abuse of street EMS. It is built entirely of Conterras exclusive SI TEX fabric, that is totally fluid proof and over FIVE times stronger than the Cordura fabric used on other brands of a
Conterra ALS Extreme Pack
We chose this as our primary med pack for SAR because it is large enough to carry the med gear we need as well as personal equipment for the medical officer. It is also surprisingly comfortable to wear while hiking or riding a snow machine.
Conterra Longbow Emergency Operations Pack
Like the Longbow Ranger; very versatile, light and comfortable, but smaller and tighter to the body. It is an outstanding day pack for SAR, hiking, or as an airline carry on.
Conterra Double Adjusta-Pro Radio Chest Harness
Yup, it is a rare treat to have only one communication device to answer to. This design is definitely useful, especially for an IC.
Conterra Longbow Ranger Mountain Rescue Pack
This is an outstanding piece of equipment! In spite of its light weight, the Longbow Ranger offers multiple options for gear stowage and organization. It is tapered from top to bottom, keeping the pack away from your elbows when climbing or skiing.
Conterra Responder III Medic Bag
We have used this bag extensively for an Offshore Medical Kit. It is tough as nails and water resistant. You will have trouble filling it unless you are running a small third world hospital…or a voyaging sailboat.
Conterra Triple X Strap System
A significant improvement over the straight across “spider straps”. We use it on the basket litter to secure the patient and package.
Conterra Tube-Pro Deluxe Intubation Kit
This is a definite improvement over anything else out there. Our EMS system has purchased one for each ambulance. I consider it too large for SAR use because I don’t carry a full set of intubation equipment on my back. But, for a truck or boat based

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Medical Officer, Ltd. is based in the heart of the Colorado Rockies and is an Instructor Sponsor of Wilderness Medical Associates courses in Crested Butte, Denver, Durango, Moab and beyond. We are also retailers for Conterra products and our own custom medical kits.